Looking for a Gantry?

As transport vehicles and shipping become larger, larger loads are being loaded and the loads are being packaged in larger packaging such as containers. For ease of lifting and loading these larger loads, gantry cranes have become increasingly popular, especially in warehouses, ports and shipyards. Ellsen are one of the world’s most popular gantry manufacturers and they have a wide variety of gantries available, all of which can be seen on their website http://ellsengantrycrane.com/. With their gantries divided into two categories, small lift and heavy lift, it is quick and easy to find the gantry that would be most suitable for your needs, from the website. There are obviously many factors that you have to take into consideration when deciding which gantry would be right for you and foremost of those factors is probably the weights that the gantry will be required to lift. If you operate a mechanic shop for instance, you may want to first look at the small lift category where there are a variety of gantries designed to lift weights ranging from as little as 1 ton to some that can lift as much as 10 tons. Although these gantries may lift less weight than the larger gantries, Ellsen places just as much emphasis on safety features as they do with the larger ones. With safety in mind, one of their largest gantries is the cantilever gantry. This is a gantry that is designed to lift weights of up to 200 tons and as that kind of weight could put a strain on the legs of a gantry, 2 cantilevers have been incorporated into the bridge of the gantry, reducing strain on the gantry’s legs.

Another Ellsen gantry that can lift weights of up to 200 tons is the double girder gantry. This is a gantry that consists of a one girder gantry for lifting less weight, with the option to add the second girder for the heavier lifts. The double girder therefore adds more safety to the lifting process. Although they have other gantries available that do not lift as heavy weights as these, they too have their specialist features. For example there is the portable gantry which has been designed to be easily dis-assembled and moved to a new location. Of course though, if you only plan to use the gantry in one location, perhaps inside a warehouse, you can get a gantry that is specifically designed to be fitted to the ceiling of the warehouse. Some places where there is a need for a gantry are known for having strong windy conditions but thankfully, Ellsen can even provide a gantry especially designed for such instances. That gantry is called a truss gantry and this can save a lot in costs as it will not have to stop operations every time the wind picks up. There are also gantries that are mounted on rails and a more recent addition is a gantry that has rubber tires. The rubber tires on the gantry allow the gantry to be used on a multitude of different surfaces.