Laying Synthetic Grass

Laying synthetic grass is different from laying natural grass and so before you try to do it on your own, you should perhaps seek some advice from a professional. There are several companies which specialize in artificial grass Perth but there are also many other companies around the country and as the artificial grass is becoming more popular, more of these specialist companies are emerging.

When artificial grass first became available, it was only the major sporting arenas which seemed interested in it but today all that has changed and many people are now interested in for a number of different purposes. Although it is still used in many sporting arenas it is now also used in parks, front gardens and even among flower beds or paving stones. In fact, where ever natural grass used to grow, some people are now replacing that natural grass with synthetic grass.

Not all the artificial grass looks the same as there are different varieties you can purchase and some of those types are natural Forest, Winter Green, and Summer Green. Although there are at least these three different, all the artificial grass is 35mm high as that is supposedly the ideal height for lawns. Each of the different types also comes in four different tones, allowing for even more variety. Although the types of artificial grass may vary in look, they are all laid in the same manner which is different from laying a regular, natural lawn and so if you have not laid artificial grass before, it is perhaps best if you at least seek advice from the professionals.

Although the companies that specialize in laying artificial grass would obviously want to lay yours for you, they are quite welcoming to giving advice to those who wish to do it DIY style. As well as advising you as to what would be the best type of your particular situation, they will also inform you of all the equipment you will need in order to lay the artificial grass yourself. The list of equipment, along with other things, will include a power blower, flathead nails and a hammer, sand and of course a power supply. This is in addition to a shovel and rake of course and you will also need a compactor and some crushed rock.

If you are starting to seem a little dubious about trying to lay the artificial grass yourself, I am not surprised especially when you consider that once you have laid it, you will have to allow it time to settle or it will not be as effective or as beautiful as it should be. Another reason why you should perhaps allow a professional to lay the artificial grass for you is that they will usually give you a one year warranty on their work and a seven-year warranty on the grass whereas if you lay it yourself, there are no assurances at all and you could end up wasting your money instead of saving some.