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Cambridge is a famous university city in England which is located on the River Cam. As the other famous university city of England, Oxford is also located on a river, this time the River Thames, rivers have played an important role in the two cities rivalry for many years and none is as evident as the University Boat Race held every year on the River Thames in London. This race or event has become one of the country’s premier sporting events in the annual calendar and is watched by thousands along the banks of the River Thames and millions on their TV sets from home. Although very popular and famous, the prize at stake is only the winner’s bragging rights for the year ahead but even so, the rivalry and training are intense.

As many people may know though, the annual University Boat Race is not the only river activity which Cambridge is famous for as it is also famous for its punts. To find out more about punts and their association with Cambridge, go to the website but basically, the city has become one of the few places in England where punting is still popular. At one time, punting was a popular activity throughout England but sadly punts for leisure activities only exist in a few locations namely Stratford, Canterbury and Oxford and even in those places, it is not as prolific as it is in Cambridge.

First introduced on the river Thames in London as work vessels, it was soon realized how ideal punts were as leisure craft and punting became a popular relaxing activity. That relaxing experience can now unfortunately only be enjoyed by residents or visitors to Cambridge or one of the other riverside venues that still have punted. Of course, being one of England’s premier university cities, many students of the world famous Cambridge Universities are able to enjoy this relaxing past time during breaks in their studies and many of the students actually make additional money for their studies by becoming part-time professional punters, punting tourists along the slow-moving River Cam. Those students that do earn money this way though must first learn Cambridge’s history as the punters that are used for tours are expected to also be guided, giving running commentaries on the history of the buildings on the river banks.

Not all visitors to Cambridge though want to be punted along g the river as they would prefer to punt themselves. This is possible as punting or powering the punt with a 16’ pole is not difficult although, un be known to many of the uninitiated, the pole is also the punt’s only means of steering and so some advice is probably advisable before setting out. And of course, one in any group has to volunteer to do the work whilst the others relax. Although punting has been likened to the gondolas of Venice, the relaxation afforded may be the same but the two craft are shaped much different.